Thursday, March 14, 2013


diversity is a key value of a community that I belong to. Diversity adds perspective and flavor.

A group of white folk between the ages of 45 to 65 does not feel very diverse.

this makes me wonder if their is room for say an asian, arab, native american or black person. I have a name or two we know and a few that we as a group don't know.

diversity should be addressed.

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  1. This is a BIG subject. I was taking a college class and the professor wanted us to really start exploring, honestly, what this is all about. It took a lot of courage and strength and care to be able to talk about it. It was eye-opening to hear some of comments from people that didn't look like me. In fact, that was one of the points, why is everything relative to white folks? I realized I never identified someone as white, but I sure noted that they were black if I was asked for a description.

    If we really wanted to do something, it might take some soul searching to really understand why we aren't more diverse.